20 Important Things To Know When You Are Pregnant For The First Time

And, the upcoming few weeks of Lisa’s lifetime were just full of preparation for the infant, nurturing herself and the infant in the uterus. This was the loveliest period of a pregnant mother’s life. There might be a couple of hurdles also. But are not there hurdles anywhere? Mother Junction makes it possible to browse Continue Reading

Feed your pregnant body wisely

Pregnancy isn’t supposed to become a nine-and-a-half-month ticket into the buffet — is it assumed to become a nine-and-a-half-month practice in self-denial (even though those long lists of foods and beverages to avoid may leave you with exactly the opposite belief ). And given that the mixed messages that girls receive about eating and food Continue Reading

How to Foster Little Moments of Gratitude with Your Kids

A new study investigates how everyday parent-child interactions help cultivate gratitude. I love if he asks to sing with me at home because it is a common opportunity to cultivate our appreciation collectively, even at a brief minute. To a point, increasing thankful children is a long-term clinic. It entails assisting them build strong relationships Continue Reading

Nagging Low Back Pain? Try Mindfulness

Virtually nobody is immune to intermittent low back pain. Nevertheless, when it is chronic, when easy movement looks hopeless, it may save you from enjoying life. And painkillers are not necessarily the answer. Studies have revealed that mind-body practices might help. It is based on fundamentals of meditation intended to make you aware and accepting Continue Reading

Two Surprising Ways to Make Your Holidays Less Stressful

Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering how you are going to do everything done? Wishing you could only lie down? You are not alone. Sometimes we get so busy we have difficulty enjoying occasions that were differently excited about. 1. Accept that the vacations Will Likely be, Occasionally, disappointing Bet you were not expecting that one! However, approval Continue Reading