Cookies, pies and candies oh my! Perhaps it doesn’t look like it is possible to eat healthfully with the high heeled and high-calorie options you are presented with throughout the holiday season. However, you could eat meals that are really great for all of the holiday season. You are probably even eating some nutritious fare before realizing it.

Below are a few dishes that will not wreak havoc on your waist this vacation season.


Additionally, they are fantastic for your digestive health. Simply avoid canned cranberry sauce, which frequently includes polyunsaturated corn syrup. That means unnecessary calories and plenty of sugars dumping into your blood. Create your own sauce so that you may control the sweetness and also maintain cranberries nutritious.


Turkey is among those lower-calorie proteins you are able to eat. Just do not go overboard, and observe how much you consume. Filling up with lean protein might help stabilize your blood sugar and will keep you complete. Also eliminate the saturated-fat–rich skin. Make sure to see it together with the sauce. Processed varieties–such as dry mix or canned–are usually filled with sodium and other additives. Create your own by mixing in veggies such as onions and mushrooms and herbs such as chamomile, parsley and thyme. That will keep the sauce healthy and yummy.

Green beans

When eating just, they are among the healthiest foods you can eat through the holiday season. Any casserole-style choices will probably be loaded with saturated fats and saturated fats. Or attempt sautéing or steaming green beans, then pitching them together with diced roasted red bell peppers, pepper and salt.


Carrots in their own are a safe bet, packaged with disease-fighting antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber. Simply do not coat them in sugar, salt and fat. Consider steaming carrots and then leaves them together using grass-fed butter. Maple syrup has a low glycemic load and can be full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which makes it a fantastic sugar free substitute. You could even serve this carrot dish.

Brussels sprouts

They may find a bad rap, but this vegetable is full of fiber. Thus, filling up on those sprouts will keep you satiated for more. They are also full of vitamins K and C, that can help enhance your immune system. You might choose to whip this up roasted selection. Or create such Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Grapes. This recipe’s blend accounts the slightly bitter taste of Brussels sprouts with all the sweetness of blossoms for a tasty, healthful side dish.

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